Workshop Wizardry

Workshop Wizardry is a blog that highlights designs and projects developed and built by TimmyG.

The Man

Hey there! My name is Tim Guba and I live comfortably in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Having a powerful creative energy, my passion drives me through woodworking, metalworking, electronics, robotics, 3D printing, computers, science, and technology. My life experience takes me through deep excursions of computer animation, photography, videography, music, painting, writing, history, archeology, and just about everything else, that catches my interest.


I love to learn.

Other than 8 years in southwest Florida, I have lived my life in northeast Ohio. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology at the age of 49, have designed sophisticated machinery and systems for a variety of employers, and generally keep myself busier than I care to be at any given time.

 The Workshop

My workspace consists of several areas:

  • The garage, where I store and break down materials, apply spray finishes, and cut, form, & weld metals
  • The basement, where I mill and assemble project parts as well as run my CNC Router
  • The lab where I do most of my design work and 3D printing.

The Mission

Most everything I create is custom and one-of-a-kind or a prototype for small production runs. I am also beginning to dabble in cosplay and prop building.

On my YouTube channel, there are videos where I illustrate my techniques and building style for the creations that I produce. Plans are typically available for most of my production pieces at an attractive price.

My brand is GUBA DESIGNS and is located somewhere on every piece that I create. I strive to create exceptional, attractive, and useful furniture, uniquely beautiful art pieces, and other practical constructs.

I also belong to the Tool Masters Association, a community of unbelievably skilled woodworkers, inventors, artists, and all-around great people, of which I am proud to be a founding member.

My work is on display at Etsy, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media outlets.