The Next Adventure

The last year has been tough on a lot of people, myself being one of them. With medical insurance eating away at my take home pay, interest rates going up, and the general cost of living always on the rise, I find little time, money, or energy to try to start new projects.

That being said, I am trying to adapt my situation to what the world throws at me. A smaller budget means, typically, smaller projects. Seems that scaling back is becoming a theme nowadays. But I believe that I have come up with a plan that will dovetail nicely with my circumstances.

Scroll sawing.

I used to do a bit of scroll sawing back in the late 90’s, but it didn’t catch my interest very much and thus faded out of my participation. Now, however, I am finding a renewed interest as it seems to fit in with my ever impinged upon resources.

Having done some research, it seems that the general consensus favors the DeWalt 788 scroll saw. Interestingly, none of the big box stores in my area carry that model. In fact, it seems that none of the big box stores carry ANY scroll saw. How peculiar, I thought.

I scoured the internet, YouTube, and various online forums to see if scroll sawing could possibly save my creative muse. There appears to be a large amount of scroll sawing activity going on and some very beautiful work being produced. But, I wondered, is anyone making any kind of profit from it?

Now may not be the time to deplete my meager resources with all the current instability and uncertainty going on. Perhaps I will wait, gather my intelligence, and carry on accordingly. But I think I might just possibly give scroll sawing a go. Stay tuned.